Mission Styles

We have many styles of missions for your enjoyment. Here are several you might choose from:

“Team Elimination” – This is the standard introductory game. Whichever team has the most players left when time runs out wins … or we can use medic boxes and keep track of how many restarts each player gets.

“Capture the Flag” – The objective of this game is to capture your opponent’s flag and bring it back to your flag. If you are tagged while carrying a flag, you must drop it and go to your team’s mission base. To win, your team must have both flags in your flag’s starting position. A Very tough game with players only getting 2 lives.

“Accumulator” – The two teams battle it out like Team Elimination, but when the game is over, the losing side gets to choose one player from the winning side to join their team. Continue playing until one team is eliminated.

“Hunters & Rabbits” – A small group of snipers hunts down and tags the larger group.

“Solo” – Everyone defends themselves. The objective is to tag out your opponents and not be tagged. Generally a 15-20 minute time period.

“Capture the Captin” – The objective of this game is to capture the Captain of the other team while protecting your Captain. Whichever team’s Captain survives, wins the game. The Captains get 9 lives while everyone else is a soldier with only 5 lives. The teams must use strategy to win this game.

“Scavenger Hunt” – Each team is given a secret list of items that have been hidden ahead of time which must be found and returned to their base. If you’re carrying an item when you get out, you must drop it and return to your base to get recharged.

“Mayhem” – Similar style to Team Elimination, but every 60 seconds a whistle is blown and everyone hiding must find a new hiding spot.

“Base Tag” – Also similar to Team Elimination, but you have to get from your base to the other team’s base safely. No recharging. This is a pretty quick game that works better with a large area.

“Dollar Play” – Each player has a dollar. When they are tagged out, they must stand still with their dollar held up clearly. The goal is to accumulate the most dollars!

“Adults vs. Kids” or “Girls vs. Boys” – Everyone loves playing Team Elimination with adults vs. kids or girls vs. boys. Fun!